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Time Travel!!

Posted: January 15, 2011 in Uncategorized
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If I had a time machine for one hour…

That’s no fun, one day.

If I had a time machine for one day, I think I would have to go to the crucifixion, right? Or the resurrection?! Crap.

What about the day Moses parted the Red Sea? That would be pretty freakin awesome

Or the day Jericho fell?

I’d avoid the future, it’s a mystery for a reason.

And mid-evil times. I would surely die.

I would like to witness the creation of the world, but that took a week and where am I going to stand before the Earth is created?

OH!! I would go to the Garden of Eden and chill nekkid with Adam, Eve, God, and non-hostile animals. That would be cool. I wonder if Eve was hot? I think so, I think we were meant to be good looking until the gene pool went to crap and our health and decision-making went to crap.

I think it would go a little something like this…

Me: 😮


God: Chill dude. (to me:) Who the frick gave you a time machine?

Me: Blog idea, no worries

Eve: Oooohhh, he’s kinda cute 🙂

Adam: What is he wearing?

God: Oh, those are clothes, you’ll find out soon enough. *Sigh*

Me: Yeah! You see, you’re gonna do something stupid, (it will specifically be Eve’s fault) Then your descendants will all be really stupid for a few thousand years, then God will have to send his son to die for all the crap you caused us 😀

Adam: Uh?

God: Can you not remind me of that and at least let me enjoy this for just a LITTLE bit?!

Eve (still mesmerized by an actual good-looking person around): <3<3<3<3

God: Just…>.<

Me (playing fetch with a lion and cracking open a coca-cola while catching delicious grapes in my mouth): This place is pretty nice, thanks for ruining it for us, guys

God: I think it’s time for you to go back home

Eve: Nooooo!

Me: But it’s freakin’ awesome here!

God: This is why I put an angel here, you know?

Me: Well, that won’t happen for another few months. You created time, you should know this!

Adam: Hey, maybe this weird guy can help with all the work around here. All Eve does is talk to weird lizard things…

Me (to Eve): Oh, yeah, you might want to stop that

Eve: But they’re so cute and give me great advice!

God: I give up…


Do you ever just…think? About anything and everything? I often find myself just thinking about the most random, yet philosophical things. Simple, yet just mind-blowing things!

For example, how big is the universe? What else is out there? How can it be expanding? What is beyond the universe that it can be expanding? Expanding into what? How can it never end? How did it get here? Are there other people, aliens, lifeforms out there? Will we meet them? Why would God make alllll of that just to put a few of us, insignificant people on a tiny insignificant ball of dirt and water? Just to look at it? Why would he make all that and not make other lifeforms?

One thing that never ceases to hurt my brain, is how can God be the Alpha and Omega? How can anything be Alpha and Omega? The Beginning and the End. Is it like circular timeline? Did God invent time? Does he not abide by the laws of time because he created the laws of time? Is he even in this universe? Is he completely spiritual? No, because he was in the Garden of Eden! But maybe, still yes. How can Jesus be human and be God? But I digress, how can he not have a beginning? I can kind of grasp how he can go on forever, but how can you not have a beginning of something? See, your brain hurts now, right?

Will the internet ever run out of room? How much data is on the internet? How big would a flash drive have to be to fit the whole internet on it?

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it does it still make a sound? Scientifically, yes, but can you prove it? No!


“Look at the sky, what color do you see?”


“Maybe I see what you call green, there’s not way to tell is there?”

– Left Behind III

What if we all see different colors?! But we could never figure that out because when I say, what color is this? And to you it’s blue, but to me it’s what you see when you think of green, but we both call the color we see blue, we could both see totally different colors and think we are seeing the same color. Weird, huh? Makes you think. Like, how do people figure out they are color blind? And how do doctors figure out they are color blind? When they see green, and we see red, to them, green is what we call red, so they would call it red too, right? Ahh…

Don’t even get me started on time travel…

Anyway, these are just the things that occupy my brain on a regular basis. This is probably why I zone out so much, as well.

Hope you enjoyed the trip into my mind, let’s do it again sometime!