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Day 5 1/11/10

Posted: November 1, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Day 5: A Time You’ve Thought About Ending Your Life

I’ve thought about it before, yes. Not very seriously, but it crosses the mind during tough times. During my freshman and sophomore years I was pretty depressed. Sorta heartbroken, lonely, getting bad grades, just crappy stuff. I always felt like no one wanted to be friends with me and everyone just used excuse after excuse to avoid me. I fought with my family, school was hard. I just wondered if it would be better to just disappear. I eventually got over it though. Figured out I wasn’t worthless, people didn’t just hate me for no reason.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I did though. Just for fun, curiosity. Like, what would people’s reactions be? What would change about how many people’s lives? Who would be at my funeral and what would be said? What if I left a suicide note? Who would find it? I would definitely put something funny in it. Dare you to laugh! Maybe I’d make a video. Some of us were joking last night, that this my junior is really the best year of my life. So might as well end it before senior year and leave a video.

“Hello, if you’re watching this I probably just killed myself. But don’t worry, I’m very happy about this. I’ve evaluated everything my life could become and realized this is the best option!”

“Well, that was my first failed attempt. I’m gonna try again in a few minutes though! 😀 Just keep at it, I always say! Persistence!”

But seriously, suicide is never a good decision. There really is a lot to live for, and you never know what you have the potential to make your life become. Not to mention to help other people in this life. We’re here for a reason, and suicide is not it. Death will come, it will, but enjoy your life before it does. Our life is no longer than the line on our hand. A blip on the timeline of the universe. Make the most of it.