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Day 15: Your favorite Bands/Artists

My favorite band of all time is Audio Adrenaline, the best Christian band ever. There would be know Christian rock without these guys and other guys like DC Talk. I would have LOVED to seen the Jesus Freak tour, curse my youngness. But this band is a staple in my childhood and life. Still love them.

Next is Bullet for my Valentine, the total opposite of Audio A. A metal band from the UK, they’re my favorite band right now. Great vocals, lyrics, and music to back it up, I love these guys.

Probably next is Demon Hunter, a mix of the two! The best Christian metal band out there by far. Ryan Clark is a lyrical and musical mastermind. His lyrics are so deep and meaningful, and he has an amazing voice. He’s my favorite screamer ever, and the band’s music is crazy awesome.

I also love everything in between, from Relient K to Breaking Benjamin to Lynyrd Skynyrd. I love music with good lyrics more than anything. Songs that you can relate to, and speak to you, and make you cry. Music is God’s greatest invention.

Day 11 11/7/10

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Day 11: Put Your iPod on Shuffle and Write the First Ten Songs That Come Up.

Avenged Sevenfold – Blinded in Chains

12 Stones – Games You Play

The Letter Black – Care Too Much

Matt Nathanson – Come on Get Higher

Bon Jovi – Livin’ on a Prayer

Demon Hunter – Follow the Wolves

Hinder – Get Stoned

All That Remains – Home to Me

Bullet for my Valentine – Hit the Floor

Metallica – Memory Remains