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Day 17: Highs and lows of 2010

2010 was a lot better than the 2 years before it. I finally broke free of my depressed, anti-social rut and reconnected with friends, church, and God. I had a relationship again, albeit not under the best circumstances, but nonetheless, I started going to church again and making friends there, I started reading every day, I started working out, my grades are better,  I set goals, I achieved most of them, the Reds made the playoffs, I got my driver’s license, a lot of good things happened.

A lot of crap happened too, of course!

Hospital visits, quite a few of them, break-ups, okay, break-up, fights, you know, average stuff.

But the biggest events were probably getting reconnected with my church and God, and getting my license.

I’ve been so much happier since I started going to church again, making some friends, expanding my comfort zone. I finally got out of that Godless, friendless, self-confidenceless rut I’ve been in for so long and I feel great about it.

Also now that I’m reading and writing every day, my mind feels vitalized, and I grow in my faith so much more, since most of it Christian stuff. And writing is a great stress reliever.

Also a huge impact on my life has been working out! I started in the summer, got more serious in the fall, and have a whole plan for the next 2 years with goals and a routine. I will finish that marathon! I found when you write goals down, they just magically happen. It’s true. Try it.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to 2011. 2010 was like a  stepping stone, it showed me I’m not worthless, and I can do anything I set my mind to. I also learned God really has big plans for me, and I cannot wait to figure out what they are and fulfill them in 2011 and beyond. 🙂