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Day 6 11/2/10

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Day 6: 30 Interesting Facts About Yourself

1. I am homeschooled

2. I love hoodies

3. I am almost definitely a pyromaniac. Always burning something!

4. I LOVE baseball. I think more than anything. Yep, anything.

5. I think my dog is my bestfriend

6. I wish I read more than I do

7. I’m pretty shy, but working on it

8. I like to golf

9. I am terrible at golf

10. If I never had to wear shorts again, I’d be so happy. Except it’s too hot in the summer

11. I love chicken

12. I can cook! Especially bake

13. I love the Reds, hate the Bengals. Reds aren’t a division rival 🙂

14. Jim Thome is my all time favorite athlete

15. Audio Adrenaline is my all time favorite band.

16. Apparently I’m stuck in the 90s based on those last 2 facts.

17. I like to work out

18. Bullet For My Valentine is my second favorite band. Which shows how diverse my music taste is. That’s amazing.

19. I think football is great, but very overrated

20. I hate iPod earbuds. So uncomfortable

21. I believe Seinfeld is the funniest show ever made. Ever

22. I have never gone to a school for more than 3 years

23. My favorite movie is The Quick and the Dead

24. My favorite book by far is The Shack

25. I like hiking

26. I’m lame

27. I’m not very good at guitar

28. I’m not very strong…yet

29. #’s 25-28 were provided by Jeremy Hesser

30. And finally, I try to enjoy lifeish