Day 21: One Of My Favorite TV Shows

Hmm…Seinfeld? Groundbreaking, real comedy. It was so stupid but so relevant and hilarious. It dealt with the little issues that everyone knows about but doesn’t realize or talk about.

And gave me sooo many quotes to slip into random conversations.

I was gonna by license plates that say “ASS MAN”

I want to have “The Contest” with my friends.

Never double-dip.

Never walk in on a guy changing after swimming. And don’t believe what you see!

I could go on forever, but you get it.

And after 20 years it still applies to every day life!

Greatest show ever. Period. End of story.


“To Write More, Write More”

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All I want to do at the moment is write.

Which is ironic.

I have a journalism paper I haven’t even started. But not that. I want to really write, genuine, emotional, real writing. Not something for school I don’t care about. Anyways,”to write more, write more.”

“To write more, write more”

So I will write more. This might just be random rambling, but I don’t care. I just want to write.

I wish my family would stop yelling.

I wish I didn’t procrastinate the way I do. I only stress myself out. I hate that about myself.

I wish people could get along. I read today that Paul said to focus on what we have in common, rather than endlessly fighting over what we don’t. But it seems we have this never-ending desire to just be right, and continue to instigate and retaliate. Don’t let anything come out of your mouth unless it is building others up. When in doubt, just shut up. That’s probably why I don’t talk a lot, I’d rather say nothing than say something hurtful or stupid even on accident. The tongue is like a fire, if you can’t control the fire, don’t light the match.

I like to listen to people. It makes me feel good when people have problems and they come to me with them. I feel like a trustworthy friend. I wish I knew what to say more though. But I just like listening. Sometimes I take that for granted though. I should listen better to people I’m close too, and not just people I want to be close too.

I like Proverbs. Solomon was awesome.

I look up to the kinds of people that resemble him. Wise, thankful, blessed by God. Like my pastor.

I like David too. He reminds me a lot of myself. I’ve defeated a personal Goliath with God’s help. And I have his same weaknesses too. Though, I’m not all that great with a sling. But even through all his mistakes he was called “A man after God’s own heart.

“A man after God’s own heart”

I think that’s pretty cool. David wasn’t afraid to praise God, sing about God, talk to God, yell at God, vent to God, and just be honest with God. Psalms is a pretty cool book, and I’m looking forward to reading it when I read the Old Testament this year.

I’m going to read the whole Bible, and memorize the books this year.

I thought this video was pretty cool:

I’ve probably said at least half of those this week.

And finally, this quote from One World, by tobyMac

One world oughtta be more than enough

And if it’s not is God lookin’ in pure disgust?

Wonderin’ what the dilly with the silly I see

When I made each of these in the image of me?

~ Ry

Someone once told me, well, actually, she’s told me this alot…You can’t live anybody else’s eternity for them.

At First I didn’t really get it, like, it sounded right, and it sounded profound, but I didn’t really get it.

Now I get it.

I am the only one who can live my eternity. I am the only one who can choose my actions, and I’m the one who has to live with the repercussions. Even if they affect other people, it’s my fault, and I have to deal with it.

But what this is really getting at is the actions of others. Actions that might affect us, or actions that we know will affect someone we care about. But no one can live anybody else’s eternity. I can’t make other people make the right choices and I can’t make the results of those choices go away. Even if someone I care about is choosing to do something that will ruin their life, and it will kill me to see that happen, I can’t live their eternity for them. It’s their decision, they chose it.

I can’t make my family and friends stop smoking, or other substances that harm them. I can’t make everyone go to heaven. And even though it will kill me to see what cigarettes or hell will do these people, it was what they chose.

I think this is what people forget when they ask why God would let people go to hell, too. God is letting you live your own eternity. If you choose not to love God, why would you want to spend eternity with him? He loves you enough to give you the choice to spend eternity with him, or away from him. You have two options. Free will. And even though God knows choosing him would be for our benefit, he lets us choose what we want. He wants us to love him because we choose to, not because we are robots that are programmed or told to. That’s why he gave us free will, and that’s why we have a place to go other than heaven after we die. We sinned, we chose to go there, but he gives us the choice to spend eternity with him anyway.

But it’s still our choice, and our eternity. And no one, not even God, can live it for us.


Day 19: Disrespecting Your Parents

I have no clue what I’m supposed to say about this except it’s…wrong, but easy to do. Soo…Yeah…I’m just gonna go ahead and do Day 20 as well.

Day 20: How Important You Think Education Is



So yeah, that’s all, folks!

Just kidding

I think knowledge is power, and a degree is more power.

Is the knowledge that knowledge is power, power?


So go to school, kids.

Do you ever just…think? About anything and everything? I often find myself just thinking about the most random, yet philosophical things. Simple, yet just mind-blowing things!

For example, how big is the universe? What else is out there? How can it be expanding? What is beyond the universe that it can be expanding? Expanding into what? How can it never end? How did it get here? Are there other people, aliens, lifeforms out there? Will we meet them? Why would God make alllll of that just to put a few of us, insignificant people on a tiny insignificant ball of dirt and water? Just to look at it? Why would he make all that and not make other lifeforms?

One thing that never ceases to hurt my brain, is how can God be the Alpha and Omega? How can anything be Alpha and Omega? The Beginning and the End. Is it like circular timeline? Did God invent time? Does he not abide by the laws of time because he created the laws of time? Is he even in this universe? Is he completely spiritual? No, because he was in the Garden of Eden! But maybe, still yes. How can Jesus be human and be God? But I digress, how can he not have a beginning? I can kind of grasp how he can go on forever, but how can you not have a beginning of something? See, your brain hurts now, right?

Will the internet ever run out of room? How much data is on the internet? How big would a flash drive have to be to fit the whole internet on it?

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it does it still make a sound? Scientifically, yes, but can you prove it? No!


“Look at the sky, what color do you see?”


“Maybe I see what you call green, there’s not way to tell is there?”

– Left Behind III

What if we all see different colors?! But we could never figure that out because when I say, what color is this? And to you it’s blue, but to me it’s what you see when you think of green, but we both call the color we see blue, we could both see totally different colors and think we are seeing the same color. Weird, huh? Makes you think. Like, how do people figure out they are color blind? And how do doctors figure out they are color blind? When they see green, and we see red, to them, green is what we call red, so they would call it red too, right? Ahh…

Don’t even get me started on time travel…

Anyway, these are just the things that occupy my brain on a regular basis. This is probably why I zone out so much, as well.

Hope you enjoyed the trip into my mind, let’s do it again sometime!

Oh yeah, see what I did with the title there?

This is the song Cody and Cory are playing at church along with my message this Sunday. (I’m speaking! Yay!) Ahem, anyway, I love the lyrics. Also,

This song nearly makes me cry, honestly, especially when they played it at the retreat. I wasn’t the only one though.

This Sunday is going to be awesome! I just have to make it through the week.

Look for more of these in the future. ;D

I got a camera for Christmas so..Might start vlogging? …:)…