About Gallagher

About Me:

I’m home-schooled, I go to River Hills Christian Church, I write a lot about Christianity. I just like things that make you think. Those questions that no one can answer. I also love humor, I wish I was better at creating it. Often I stumble upon interesting topics just by rambling. And an aimless blog becomes one of the greatest things I’ve ever written.

I love writing and reading when it interests me. When something interests me I work really hard and enthusiastically at it, but when it doesn’t I’ll do anything to avoid it. That’s why I want to go into ministry someday, nothing fires me up the way God does. It seems to be the only career that I’d enjoy, or enjoy enough to do well at. I don’t want to wake up and not want to go to work in the morning and I certainly don’t want a secular job.

But as you can see, I digress. But that’s okay, life rarely takes you in the direction you set out to go. Which I guess is what this blog is about.

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