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Day 16 11/18/10

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Day 16: Your Views on Mainstream Music

I HATE mainstream music. It’s all whiny, untalented, annoying people. They can’t sing, don’t write their own music, and it’s all about drugs, sex, or being “cool.” There’s no real music, it’s all computerized. All the singers are bad role models and always complaining or being stupid. Rap annoys me it’s not singing, it’s talking about your “gang life,” which for some reason is cool. People drool over these untalented annoying people and I hate it. The music and people in mainstream music just annoy me to no end. Bah..

Day 15: Your favorite Bands/Artists

My favorite band of all time is Audio Adrenaline, the best Christian band ever. There would be know Christian rock without these guys and other guys like DC Talk. I would have LOVED to seen the Jesus Freak tour, curse my youngness. But this band is a staple in my childhood and life. Still love them.

Next is Bullet for my Valentine, the total opposite of Audio A. A metal band from the UK, they’re my favorite band right now. Great vocals, lyrics, and music to back it up, I love these guys.

Probably next is Demon Hunter, a mix of the two! The best Christian metal band out there by far. Ryan Clark is a lyrical and musical mastermind. His lyrics are so deep and meaningful, and he has an amazing voice. He’s my favorite screamer ever, and the band’s music is crazy awesome.

I also love everything in between, from Relient K to Breaking Benjamin to Lynyrd Skynyrd. I love music with good lyrics more than anything. Songs that you can relate to, and speak to you, and make you cry. Music is God’s greatest invention.

Day 14 11/16/10

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Day 14: Your Earliest Memory

Probably my dad hitting my in the forehead with a shovel when I was 3 or so. I was “helping” shovel mulch and I looked up and the last thing I saw before it went black was a shovel blade piercing the air in front of my face. That sucked, still got the scar!

Day 13 11/15/10

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Day 13: Somewhere You’d Like to Move or Visit

I would so like to visit Hawaii! It’s warm, never rains or snows, it’s beautiful, and fun! I’d love to learn how to surf and see a volcano and hula dancers on a daily basis. And I love tropical music as well. It just seems so nice and peaceful. Much better than a cold, hectic, boring place like Ohio. The bad part would be no local professional sports teams, but I think I’ll manage by going to the beach and meeting Hawaiian babes. Sacrifices.

But it’s just so removed from the rest of the crappy world, I’d love to live in Hawaii.

Day 12: 11/8/10

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Day 12: Bullet Your Whole Day

  • Woke up
  • Ate a muffin
  • Facebooked and Twittered
  • Ate eggs
  • Did some school
  • Talked to Jeremy
  • Took a shower
  • Ate chips
  • Did more school
  • Talked to Jeremy
  • Ate chocolate chips
  • Played with Kernie
  • Brought some logs in the house
  • Watched ESPN
  • Watched Kurt Warner dance
  • Watched Monday Night Football
  • Wrote this blog


Day 11 11/7/10

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Day 11: Put Your iPod on Shuffle and Write the First Ten Songs That Come Up.

Avenged Sevenfold – Blinded in Chains

12 Stones – Games You Play

The Letter Black – Care Too Much

Matt Nathanson – Come on Get Higher

Bon Jovi – Livin’ on a Prayer

Demon Hunter – Follow the Wolves

Hinder – Get Stoned

All That Remains – Home to Me

Bullet for my Valentine – Hit the Floor

Metallica – Memory Remains

Day 10: Discuss Your First Love and First Kiss

Great. The girl I mentioned in an earlier blog. We’re no longer together, unfortunately, but that’s not what this is about. We have dated a few times since junior high. Most recently was the longest time, a total of five months. The first kiss was like, December 6th? 2008? I believe, it was a few days after we started dating. It was our first kisses for both of us. The long-distance relationship thing didn’t work out, but I know I’ve never felt that way about anybody else. But everything ends eventually. If she still lived here we would still be together, but it just sucked that way. So, yeah.

“Breaking up is like tipping over a Coke machine. You can’t do it in one shove, you have to rock it back and forth a few times before it falls over.”

I just love that quote. If I told you it was from a “Teensinlovequotes” Twitter account you would fall in love with it. But it’s from Seinfeld, so you’ll probably think “Gross, the 90s.” If you are a female, that is.